Traffic Monsoon Review-Traffic Monsoon Scam?

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I create this Traffic Monsoon Review in order to helping those who either want to joining this company or want to know if Traffic Monsoon is a Scam or a Ponzi site. So, this Traffic Monsoon Review will give more details about the Company and it’s Background and how to succeed in the company.

Let’s Cut to the Chase,So

What is behind Traffic Monsoon Site?

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising company,Pay per Click Site and also Sharing Revenue Company which offers a legitimate compensation plan to help anyone start making money online and also where most of the members are allowed to advertise there’re primary businesses. The primary business can either be Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Business or other Pay To Click sites and even your own business.

Traffic Monsoon was created by Charles Scoville for the purpose of helping others to achieve the success they desire within the Paid to Click (PTC) website industry. Charles Scoville start PTC sites on March 2010 but Traffic Monsoon come to exist in 29/9/2014 where until now it’s one of the popular sites worldwide. Look at the Alexa Rank below and at the time you see the capture when you go to the Alexa Website, Traffic Monsoon will be ranking pretty good than in the Capture,


The Owner of Traffic Monsoon have bad background since some of people call him scammer due to different sites in which he involve with where shutdown. This does not mean that the owner had previous sites that where shutdown-It’s means that you will need to use your own logic to determine why they were shut down.

Charles is a smart person with genius ideas. He took ALL the negative things he encountered in his AdHitProfits experience and turned them into positive aspects into Traffic Monsoon. This is the perfect system everybody could ask for.

So, Traffic Monsoon is really a Scam???, In my Opinion

Traffic Monsoon is not a Scam,

I would like to highlight that, through the given reasons:

  • Traffic Monsoon  is full transparency since the owner is visible and he put himself public as you can see him inCharles Scoville-Traffic Monsoon Owner different events and seminar which are conducted and still conducting in different location worldwide(over 220 countries). Also from those Event the Owner show the Back-Office of Traffic Monsoon  from different payment processor Solid Trust Payment and Payza and it’s look like when other members decide to withdrawal all they money, still the site will continue to operate and pay all its members.
  • Another reason I say Traffic Monsoon is not a scam site, right now have more than 3.8 million members (solid membership) and it’s still grow every single day due to many people sign ups and want to make legitimate money online but not like PTC sites with fewer than 5,000 members is probably in its infancy like advshare(gone by now).so, the only PTC site which I can trust right now is Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon Keep Grow EveryDay

  • The Company is also legit since its registered in the State of Utah Gov. (Click Here) and you can see the dates of listed.

Traffic Monsoon Review

  • Also paying on time other site payment is pending due to some security but for Traffic Monsoon withdrawal is instant and Traffic Monsoon Operating within their Terms of Services and is listed as a No.1 traffic exchange company.

rank traffic exchange

  • More Meetings Launching Worldwide, expanding now to  China and Germany.You can see different Schedule and Events which will be attended HERE.
  • The cash reserves have DOUBLED in the last 2 months, now well over 8 figures (reserves is money still left in the company if everyone stopped buying and just withdrew everything from their accounts until expiration of all ad packs.)

So Until Now I don’t have a problem with Traffic Monsoon and I will RECOMMEND  this Program to you.

Strategies to use in Make Money with Traffic monsoon (Traffic Monsoon Review)

Also in this Traffic Monsoon Review,I will show you ways you can start use in order to start make money in Traffic Monsoon:

You can earn in Traffic Monsoon either with referring others or  NOT referring others.

Let’s see the opportunity you get,If you do not want to Referring Others to the Company.


 In Traffic Monsoon you get an opportunity to purchase ad packs which one ad packs cost $50 and you can purchase unlimited number of ad packs. When buy ad packs in Traffic Monsoon with Sharing Position after 55 days depends on sale in the company, you get $55 back to your account balance but remember at the same time you have advertise your business/website to members of Traffic Monsoon. Members of TM when sees your website and see what you promote and can even joining you and be your Customer. That’s one of the opportunity you can when you sign up in Traffic Monsoon.

Okay, let’s go in details,

What is an ad pack?

Ad pack is simply an advertising packages.

When purchase 1 ad packs=Price $50,

  • You get 1000 visitors to your website either an affiliate website or other website. The website should follow terms and condition ofBuy_adpack the services which Traffic Monsoon provide. And remember Traffic Monsoon have more than 1 million solid members so, you website will be seen by majority of people out there.
  • 1 ad packs also give you 20 PPC (Pay Per Click) to your banner which you advertise, the chance for you to get referral and make sale is high when members see the good opportunity which you promote.
  • 1 Sharing Position=1 Active Ad pack, for every active ad pack you purchase you share revenues to all Traffic Monsoon sales. You get paid around $1 per ad pack thus, 2% daily per ad pack until you get to 110% ($55).So, You Get $5 as a profit from 1 ad pack. I know that $5 is also small for 55 days but as you can see there are a lot of opportunity as explain above and more to come.

But for the purpose of qualify for sharing position and referral cash link you must surf 50 ads every 24 hours before Timer Expire.



You can see the advertisement for 5 second as below,



until you reach 50 ads,then you qualify for sharing position and referral cash link.It’s only take approximately 5 minutes to view 50 ads.

Let’s see an Example how you can earn from ad packs:

When you have 500 Ad packs =$500 Daily, you can decide to repurchase ad pack to have more sharing position in the company and more profit from each ad packs(each $5).

Update:Read Traffic Monsoon Compounding Strategy-without sponsoring.


You don’t have to sponsor anyone to Earn But when you decide to do that you will earn 10% on your referral purchase, when they buy $50 ad pack you will get $5 to your account balance.


  • 5 people purchasing 1 ad pack per day (5 x$5) = $25
  • 25 people purchasing 1 ad pack per day (25 x$5) =$125
  • 50 people purchasing 1 ad pack per day (50 x$5) =$250
  • 100 people purchasing 1 ad pack per day (100 x$5) =$500

Remember you don’t have to sponsor anyone in this company but this is an additional income to your account if you can sponsor.

For my experience in Traffic Monsoon most people are purchasing more than 1 ad pack per day since mostly of them they want to get more profit from revenue sharing position. So, there buy more ad pack at the beginning and also before

You can withdrawal your account balance to your payment processor (Payza or Solid Trust Pay)  or purchase additional ad packs to make even more money in the long-run where most people do this(REPURCHASING).

What happen when starting Repurchasing 100%.Every-time when your account balance reach $50 don’t withdraw it just  purchase another ad pack. This ensure you that you can still earning more from the company.You can starting earn in the company as the free member and also you can start purchasing ad packs anytime you want and compounding it.

EXAMPLE: When Starting with $2500=50 ad packs

Day 1 balance $50 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 51 packs

Day 2 balance $51 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 52 packs

Day 3 balance $52 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 53 packs

Day 4 balance $53 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 54 packs

Day 5 balance $54 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 55 packs

Day 6 balance $55 (You Buy 1 Pack) – Total 56 packs




Your number of ad packs is your daily pay without sponsoring anyone

Example: You have 500 ad pack = $500 everyday which gives you another 10 ad packs purchasing power.

Also this will grow any other business in which you are involved since By repurchasing you will getting 1000 visitors and 20 PPC every time you get a new ad-pack.

You can Join In The Company by CLICK HERE.


In Traffic Monsoon, There are 3 ways to make extra money except when buying ad-packs,

  1. This is through CASH-LINKS,


  • You get paid for clicking cash-links-its look bit small but its can add up nicely.

cashlink earn

As you can see, Other earn just $13.37 from click cash-links only and $23.86 from referral clicking cash-link.

Every day in Traffic Monsoon you get cash-link for you to reclaim and earn from them.

  • Also, You get paid 100% for your referrals clicking cash-links,

For example:

Refferal in Traffic Monsoon Clicking Cashlinks

So when click the cash-link you need to watch the advertisement, There 4 kind of cash-links:

The time take to watch the advertise will depend on amount given as shown below,

  • 60 sec for $0.02
  • 30 Sec for $0.01
  • 15 Sec for $0.005
  • 5 Sec for $0.001.

After watching the advertisement, Then you will see the amount in your account balance increase.


This is where you make the big money and need to focus on. Referral Commissions,

  • You get 10% of your referral ad pack purchase so, whenever your referral buys a $50 ad pack you will get $5 instantly in your account balance. You can decide if you want to withdrawal that money or put it into new ad pack.
  • You also get 10% on repurchase of ad pack from account.
  • You also get 10% if people buy other products in Traffic Monsoon.



This money can really help you buy additional ad packs fast, the money will not be out of your pocket is direct from your account balance.


In this Traffic Monsoon Review-My advice to you is that you can start with as many ad packs as you can, don’t go below 20 ad packs (1000$).Don’t take me wrong on this one because I don’t know what you have on you pocket. So, if you don’t have much money to start with you can use the Broke Man Plan-(Robs Plan) Click Here to go to Broke Man Plan or read Traffic Monsoon Compounding Strategy.

But, if you have the money you can go with 20 ad pack at least.

  • You repurchase new ad packs from earnings 100% for 3 months. Don’t take money out these business is solid will be here for a long time. Whenever you have $50 in your account just go ahead and purchase another ad pack.
  • After that you can decide if you want to start withdrawing daily or continue to repurchase 100%.
  • Withdrawal Time; Good strategy to use is 90/10%
  • Thus, You put 90% back into the company by purchasing new ad packs
  • Withdrawal 10% to your Solid Trust Pay or Payza Account. You can do this daily or weekly, monthly. If you have a big account you can do this daily, small account you can do this weekly.

-This way your total number of ad packs will continue to grow daily.


How did the owner-Charles Scoville get the money to pay us those referral commission 10% (5$) and also from sharing position 55 days (5$) together with our 50$?

  • You know that traffic monsoon is a perfect combination of advertising and profit sharing, also offers 9 services which are provided inside traffic monsoon website. 1 of the services that are offered is comparable to a “combo meal” in the words of Charles. You receive 20 ppc credits (pay per click) to your banner,1,000 TE credits (Traffic Exchange), and then also your $50 dollar purchase will be eligible to receive revenue sharing up to $55 from revenue earned on the site. In order to qualify for these shared site revenue its simple, click 10 ads within 24 hrs. Your timer will then allow an active ad pack to earn for 24 hrs.

The system is set to distribute a percentage of the revenue to member’s ad packs hourly. So when we have high and low varying sales days the amount will remain the same. Anything in excess of the normal % to give back to members is then sent into “reserves” which is what is so impressive. These funds are there as I stated to keep the earnings consistent on members ends from overall sales. It is 29 million and increasing daily this means a lot of sales are being generated from all 9 services not just 1!Traffic_Monsoon_Services

Okay that combo deal (ad pack) is awesome what about the other 8 services?

Now there is the login ad, start pages, text ads, ppc credits for 3 banner sizes, and then direct TE credits. With ad packs this is a total of 9 services.

Members can buy each of the mentioned above services which go into the revenue sharing pool, these funds are not in the form of ad packs so if you think about where does TM get the 5$ to cover the $50 purchase of an ad pack? Now with these being a HIGH demand ask many members they all buy them I have bought each of these services as well. These extra services pretty much cover the 5$ gain plus the 10% commission from purchases. So if you ask how can it be sustained? It is based on sales volume just as with any other business.

This is why it is amazing to see that in just 14 months TM has built a reserve funds for the members and a business that generates some of the best traffic I have ever bought online and that is a fact! TM is built on quality services that give you that urge to buy more as it builds your business and in return for having such great results sales keep coming!

Credit goes to David Barker-For the useful info.



  • Sometimes the site has some problems either from cash-link ad expires or users keep login out frequently. This is happen due to overload of traffic in the site (over 2 million user everyday) that why the owner start to expand the business by introduce different servers in other country in order to overcome the problem.
  • IP Address you cannot login in TM in your phone and laptop at the same time.TM will point you as a Click Cheater and Block your account. So, you should logout in one of the device first. Also if you have a friend or family member who is also a member of TM should not use your phone or laptop to login. And you can’t share the same WiFi when login TM.TM will block your account for these reasons. SO BE CAREFUL!!!

Remember to look on Frequently Asked Question-FAQ in Traffic Monsoon to know more about the business and also if you have a problem use the support in the right top of the menu bars to contact the supporting team.

Thank You for Reading These Traffic Monsoon Review.

Watch the video below To see the owner-Charles Scoville walk you through the company.


sign up now

Check out the Free Bonus you will get when you join me in Traffic Monsoon.

If you are already a member from Traffic Monsoon don’t hesitate to leave a COMMENT explain about you Success in the business. Also if there is any question just ask.

To your success,




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I'm Kind of Big Deal at Legitimate Income Online Blog,By Provide tips on internet marketing,SEO,Affiliate Marketing and much more.Make sure to stay Tune By Subscribe On My Blog and Youtube Channel.


I'm Kind of Big Deal at Legitimate Income Online Blog,By Provide tips on internet marketing,SEO,Affiliate Marketing and much more.Make sure to stay Tune By Subscribe On My Blog and Youtube Channel.

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